It started with an avocado green juice pitcher.

When the oldest was around two making decisions became very hard. Every morning for breakfast I would offer 2 acceptable choices, often adding a third in desperation. The child could not decide, and any sort of prompting or attempting to prompt a decision before lunch made things worse. Cheerful encouragement would turn into stern admonitions, which would then turn into threats and a strong desire just to squirt something down their throat. Tears and bitterness would permeate the atmosphere, and we would both spend part of the day hating each other a little.

One day, after a few minutes in the fetal position, I had a revelation: JUST DON’T MAKE BREAKFAST.

Quit freaking out, the child was still fed. Breakfast just became something else. No decisions, no table, no timing. And it worked.

I dug out the hardly used large pitcher that was stuck way back on the floor of the pantry – the kind that came from your mom or a garage sale but was maybe originally purchased at a Tupperware party during an era of questionable color choices. The white lid was easy for an older toddler to open independently. The width made it easy to reach into. It was perfect.

After making a mental list of healthy foods enjoyed by the tot (peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, cereal and perhaps a chocolate chip or two) I dumped it all into the pitcher and shook it up. It was now trail mix for breakfast every day.

The pitcher sat on the floor by the pantry, where it was easily accessible. An unbreakable cup of proper portion size stayed in the container – Lil’ Indecisive could scoop out breakfast and eat right from the cup whenever the need arose. Decisions and struggles both went away.

We went through two, maybe three, cycles of filling and emptying the pitcher before it was no longer needed. Making breakfast decisions was eventually not difficult and we could move along with our day much more peacefully.

Thank you, avocado green pitcher. I will always look at you fondly, remembering how you helped pave the way for a simpler morning. Speaking from experience.

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