DIY It, Not Buy It

The saying from an old 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment commercial goes like this…”Why buy new when slightly used will do.”  I like to go one better.  Why buy the equiptment at all when you can make it yourself?  Over the past few years, I have amassed a collection of fitness equipment without paying top dollar for it.  Before I share some of my methods, I will say that I did pay full price for my Powerblock Dumbbells.  Those, however, replace an entire set of 5-50 pound dumbbells.

My lastest, and new favorite, set of equipment are two different ETHOS resistance bands that cost me $30-35 each.  Buying these while using bars and a platform that I already had have take the place of a $530 pre-packaged X3 system.  With these, I can get more done in less time.

Another favorite of mine is a set of truck tie-downs purchased for $10 that take the place of a $150 TRX Suspension Trainer.  By hanging them from the garage ceiling, I can do pull-up, dips, and any other exercise the TRX can for $140 less. (Sample TRX Workout)

The workout MURPH is done with a 20 pound weight vest.  I have found that this workout can be completed with a $5 backpack from Goodwill and 20 pounds of sand from our sandbox.

There are a few other things in my collection.  Instead of an expensive battle rope, fill an old hose with sand.  Instead of a $40 plyo box, build one with some spare lumber.  By designing it properly, I even made it a 2-for-1.  It doubles as a platform for step-ups.

This all started with me being a cheapskate, but it has morphed into a source of pride.  I love the fact that I can get a high-priced gym workout right in my garage.  Speaking from experience.

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